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RE: IsUIdocOpen = TRUE ???
~Bill Quetfoochekakol 24.Jan.04 11:24 AM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.0.3 All Platforms

I have seen this behaviour in R5 databases.

There is a serious flaw somewhere in the notesUIWorkspace.editDocument(True, doc)

The "old version" of the backend document being edited is somehow cached in memory in the view context. Possibly being held alive by a reference to the document, a parent notesSession or NotesUIWorkspace in the view Globals or elsewhere.

Any future reference to this document will return the cached document, with the previous values. This document should have been garbage collected thus forcing the document to be re-fetched from the database.

I have experienced RBODs (Red Box Of Death's) being caused by this, too.

One workaround that seems to consistently fix this problem is to remove the memory reference to the notesDocumemnt after the call to editDocument, like so:

Dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace()
Dim uiDoc as NotesUIDocument
Dim doc as NotesDocument
set uiDoc = ws.editDocument(True, doc)
Delete doc ' forces garbage collection of doc object

Try it and let me know whether this clears the issue.

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